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Hockey Fight

After a recent fights on the ice lead to the suspensions of several players and the injuries to others.  The National Hockey League is getting some serious backlash from its corporate sponsors.  One sponsor in particular has gone so far as to threaten a complete pull out if the NHL doesn’t do something about this quickly.

Now I know its hard to believe that one sponsor dropping its support of the league would hurt at first but what real damage could be done by only one company?

It is believed that if the sponsors start to pull money the dominoes have been tilted and they begin to fall one after another until there are no more sponsors.  That is the current fear.

More recently though, as the playoffs have commenced the on ice violence has increased exponentially.  11 game misconduct penalties have been levied against players. 8 teams have already had at least one player ejected as a result.

Common sense would dictate that the league would take notice of the distaste the sponsors are showing right now, however, the league is also very aware of one infallible truth, The Fans Like Fighting.

So, with that being said the NHL still holds the trump card.  If the fans still like what is happening on the ice someone, somewhere will come out to sponsor the melee.

The sponsors have every right to withdraw their money if they feel like doing so, just remember that if they do someone with the same money will fill their spot and be thankful for it.

It’s a nice gesture to look after the safety of the players from a sponsorship view point but the fans ultimately hold all the cards and the League will do whatever they have to do to keep those fans glued to the carnage in the rink.

Derrick Rose Hot Sauce

After a hard foul in a game between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons, Derrick Rose received minor attention from the medical staff on the Bulls’ sideline.  In the media room after the game Rose let his true feelings be known to the public in criticizing the hard fouls he has received as of late.

“I’ve gotta be the only superstar in the league that’s going through what I’m going through right now,” Rose said at the time, referring to a lack of foul calls in his favor. “But I can’t say too much about it.”(

I did a little research about why Rose may feel he is being targeted and found that the budding superstar has played in all but 6 games in his career until this season.  An NBA season consists of 82 regular season games, and Rose has completed 3 seasons, thats a grand total of 146 games in which he has played in 140.  Remember, this season has been shortened by almost a third and Rose has already missed 23 games.  While injuries may not be directly related to fouls one has to consider the fact that Rose has been taking some hard fouls as of late and his durability has suffered as well.

Rose has played with injuries before so I do not believe this is a question of toughness or a half-hearted attempt at getting more favorable calls on the court.  I do believe that the former MVP has noticed a trend developing that needs to be addressed before the injuries pile up and the NBA loses a star that they can ill afford.  However, the NBA should not institute a no foul policy on Derrick Rose, I just think that the rules should be evenly enforced throughout the league.