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Posted: June 15, 2011 in NFL Lockout
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Once again as reported by the lawyers for the NFLPA* and the NFL have been side lined after nearly derailing the labor negotiations. So what are they doing in there in the first place? Granted they will be needed after the framework is in place to put it into legaleeze, but they should be no where near the parties involved. It was a gamble to put them back in the discussion room and almost cost both sides dearly. But wait, what’s this? The clear and present voice of reason that called off the dogs? None other than De Smith! Talk about an upset… Vegas would have made a lot of money posting that spread. Anyway, here is to the hopes of a quick deal and a long season! Cheers Football Fans the light is getting brighter.


Posted: June 10, 2011 in NFL Lockout
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Unexpectedly, good news is popping up from both sides regarding the current NFL Lockout.  Both sides agree the time is now and they have benched both sets of lawyers for sit down disscusions about the issues at hand.  This is wonderfull news for those not spliting 9 billion dollars, the fans.  So be guarded, cautious, introverted, all things not out right jubilant in you optimism.  Lets try not to jinx what could very well mean a season unimpeded.


Posted: June 10, 2011 in NFL Lockout

What does either side in this mess have to benefit now?  Training camps are goin to be the next likely victim tyo the bullheadedness of these morons.  How could you logicaly reason that if you have the greatest sport, nay, the greatest buisness in the USA, you should risk it all by putting in jeapordy the one thing that made you relavent in the first place, the fan?  Fans in general are the life blood of the sport.  If you have a buisness with no cutomers you just have a lot of bills and no money to pay it.  So what do you do next?  I got it!  Lockout your employees till they take less money, Brilliant!!!!